Roger's Automotive Service - Zion, Illinois
Roger's Automotive Service - Zion, Illinois

Fuel Saving Tips

stp-oil-changeWith fuel prices as high as they are, it is most important to keep your car tuned properly, your fuel system clean and tires aired to proper specs.

This is not only a fuel saving tip but also a safety tip. Low air pressure can cause tires to overheat and blow. Keep your tires rotated and aligned, mis-aligned tires can cause drag, plus wear the tire faster costing you money for new tires prematurely.

Observe The Speed Limit
By just observing the speed limit can save you up to 30% or the equivalency of $1.20 per gallon. At all cost avoid idling the engine…you get Zero miles to the gallon when idling.

Check and Replace Filters
A clogged air filter decreases fuel economy by 10% or 40 cents per gallon. Don’t top off your tank, use the automatic shut off, filling the tank to the filler neck will lead to spillage, thus wasting fuel and harming the environment.

Use Your Cruise Control
Use your cruise control, this will prevent speed creep (maybe preventing a costly ticket) and keeps the engine running efficiently.

Consolidate Trips and Errands
Reduce trips and consolidate your errands, a little planning goes a long way, by using your vehicle less, you not only save fuel, but on all the other variable costs of operating it, including tires, oil changes, tune ups and even depreciation. Shop the internet first before you drive to the store.

Keep your Engine Tuned
An engine that is not tuned properly can waste as much as 40% of your gas. Follow the manufacturers’ directions in your owners manual and if you hear, smell, or feel something funny have it checked by your mechanic.

Use Public Transportation, Walk or Ride your Bike
The tip again not only saves fuel but the wear and tear on your vehicle, and, you get a little exercise to boot.

Lighten Up
Empty any unneeded items from your trunk, any weight savings relate to better fuel economy. “Gentlemen, especially the golf clubs”

Start using these tips and you’ll save more money!